Dynamic and talented Graphic Design professional with more than 20 years of experience and specialized knowledge in new product design, identity and brand development, print production, web design, photography, production methods, typography, illustration styles, and design trends.

Joe, lives in Grand Rapids, MI, is married with four children, four grand children, and enjoys trail running with his dog Charlie.

NiMo Studios is a Graphic Design sole-proprietorship service provider, located in Grand Rapids, MI.

NiMo Studios provides thoughtful, relevant, memorable solutions derived from client input, consumer expectation, imagination, and market research.


Graphic Design is the art of creative problem solving. Taking a concept, imagining what that concept may look like; turn it over and examine it from all angles; transfer the images that appear in the minds eye to paper; divide and multiply the concept into several iterations; feed and nurture the concepts with intellectual research, conversation, and visual inspiration; tweak, develop and sharpen the focus; assign attributes: font, color, graphic style; organize and present in a zealous manor.


Words evoke imagery. It starts with the dialog between the client and the designer. It is at that first instance of conversation where the design takes shape: keywords illuminated, links built, and the shadows of images destined for future ideation's appear in the imagination.

It can’t be helped, I am wired that way. It’s what I do best. Eager, even ravenous, for the creative challenge: to put into motion the disciplined/structured/scientific method which I practice. Confident to take on any challenge/industry and provide a solution that is relevant and memorable.